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Safety Stop
On ascent from a dive, a specified time spent at a specified depth, for purposes of nitrogen off gassing. By definition it is not a mandatory for a safe ascent from a dive.
The amount of salt dissolved in a liquid, measured in parts per million.
Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth/Supplied Air Snorkeling for Adults. BC-like PFD mounted with small compressed air cylinder and regulator that allows snorkeler to breathe comfortably on the surface but prohibits him from descending. SPG submersible pressure gauge. Required scuba gear that displays the amount of air pressure in the scuba cylinder; can be either analog or digital.
The degree to which a gas is dissolved in the blood or tissues, full saturation occurs when the pressure of gas dissolved in the blood or tissues is the same as the surrounding pressure of that gas.
Saturation Diving
Diving performed after the body is fully saturated with nitrogen. To become fully saturated the diver must stay under water for a much longer period than is allowed in recreational scuba diving tables.
surface consumption rate. Measure used in calculations for determining air consumption rate at various depths.
Acronym meaning Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
Scuba Resort
a place providing recreation and entertainment to vacationers with the main attraction as that of scuba diving. It may include training, Beach and/or boat diving and many specialties such as wall, drift, wreck, eco-diving and many others. It can be an All-Inclusive, a Live Aboard and or a land base operation. It will normally be supported by one or many of the training agencies.
Scuba Show Long Beach, CA.
Over 76000 square feet of exhibit space, 300+ exhibitors, seminars, clinics hosted by industry experts, a 15000 gallon heated pool, and much more!
Scuba Diving International. The recreational scuba training and certification arm of TDI.
Sea Level
The altitude of the world's oceans; all oceans are at sea level.
Second Stage Regulator
The regulator that follows, in line, the first stage regulator, and delivers compressed air to the diver. Usually associated with the mouthpiece.
Shallow Water Blackout
A sudden unconsciousness, from hypoxia, that occurs among some breath hold dives. Often occurs near the surface after a deeper dive, hence "Shallow Water".
Shaw's Cove
Shaw's Cove is one of the most popular dive sites in Orange County. It is well-protected from large swells, making it highly suitable for the beginning beach divers. For this reason, many scuba classes are held here every weekend.
The body's attempt to create heat through muscular activity.
Shore (Beach) Diving
Scuba diving that starts from the shore line.
Air spaces within the skull that are in contact with ambient pressure through openings into the back of the nasal passages.
Skin Diving
Another name for breath-hold diving; diving without the use of a breathing equipment (may include a snorkel).
Scuba Lifesaving and Accident Management. YMCA diver rescue course.
A surface-supplied compressed air apparatus, for use in shallow diving in calm waters. The air is delivered to one or more divers through a long hose.
Solo Diving
Solo diving is the practice of scuba diving alone without a "dive buddy". Solo diving, once discouraged, is now beginning to gain acceptance among experienced divers who have skills in self-sufficiency and redundant backup equipment.
Hard, needle-shaped, calcium carbonate skeletal structure contained within soft corals. Also known as a sclerite.
Smart position and temperature tags. Record, for example, temperature and depth, and send logged data to satellites at regular intervals. Used on animals who spend time at the surface, like dolphins and turtles.
Pain or discomfort in an enclosed (sinuses, Middle ear, inside a mask), caused by shrinkage of that space, occurs on decent.
The back end of a boat.
Scuba Travel Ventures
A heavy walled vessel that can withstand pressures under water and allow occupants to breath air at sea level pressures and travels under its own power.
Submersible Pressure Gauge
Gauge to monitor air supply during the course of a dive.
Super saturation
An unstable situation where the pressure of a gas dissolved in the blood or tissues is higher than the ambient pressure of that gas.
Surface Interval
Length of time on the surface, usually out of the water, between two consecutive dives.
Surface supplied compressed air diving
Diving with the air continuously supplied by a compressor on the surface can be used for both sport and professional diving.

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